Mastercard’s new credit card has a built-in fingerprint scanning device.

The rise of mobile payments has made buying things with your finger-print scan commonplace, take a look at put that technology in a credit cards ? Mastercard thinks it’s worthwhile a shot, and has generated a credit cards with a fingerprint scanning device built right into underneath. The card is no thicker than normal, and lets users authorize their payments with a touch, rather than by using a PIN NUMBER or signature.

The organization says the card works with all existing chip-and-PIN visitors (no magnetic stripe-only terminals), which is currently being trialled in S. africa. Added trials are planned for Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in coming weeks, with a “full move out expected later this coming year. ” In a press release, Mastercard’s chief of security Ajay Bhalla said the card would offer customers “additional convenience and security. ”


source: The Verge

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