National Skill Development Mission-

National Skill Development Mission Program offered by Govt of India in July 2015, the mission aims to build synergies across sectors and States in skilled industries and initiatives. With a vision to build a ‘Skilled India,’ it is designed to expedite decision-making across sectors to provide skills at scale, without compromising on quality or speed. The seven sub-missions proposed in the initial phase to guide the mission’s skilling efforts across India are: (i) Institutional Training (ii) Infrastructure (iii) Convergence (iv) Trainers (v) Overseas Employment (vi) Sustainable Livelihoods (vii) Leveraging Public Infrastructure.

Science for Equity Empowerment and Development (SEED)-

SEED  is a Program offered by Govt of India SEED aims to provide opportunities to motivated scientists and field level workers to undertake action-oriented, location specific projects for socio-economic gain, particularly in rural areas. Efforts have been made to associate national labs and other specialist S&T institutions with innovations at the grassroots to enable access to inputs from experts, quality infrastructure. SEED emphasizes equity in development, so that the benefits of technological accrue to a vast section of the population, particularly the disadvantaged.