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    Adding sugar is like inviting dangerous diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It contains no protein, essential fats, vitamins or minerals. There really is no need for it in the diet. Sugar interferes with hormones in your body that regulate hunger and satiety. This can lead to increased calorie intake and weight gain. SEE ALSO: 8 Proven ...
  • benefits of castor oil for your health

    There are many benefits of castor oil for your health can do wonders for your health, it is been used right from the ancient time for several health conditions. In the ancient time, it was the very first choice from eye irritation to immune boosting to skin and hair care and many more. castor oil’s most popular ...
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    Some cancer risk factors, such as genetics and environment, are out of your control, but research suggests that about 70% of your lifetime risk of cancer is within your power to change, including your diet. Studies have consistently linked abundant consumption of plant-based food to reduce the risk of Cancer. Laboratory studies show that this ...
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    Wanted to know about your life this March? so here is MARCH 2018 HOROSCOPE Aries- Aries March 2018 horoscope predicts that it will be a month of differences.The sun enters your sign on March 20, kicking off Aries season and the joyous time. Marking the onset of spring, Aries’s energy captures the spirit of youth. Enthusiasm, ...
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    Major health hazards of using cosmetics are- A migraine- Formaldehyde is found in moisturizers, bubble baths, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as many makeup products, DMDM hydantoin, and imidazolidinyl urea could release formaldehyde, although you won’t specifically find it listed. And if you’re wondering why it sounds familiar, yes, it’s the substance used to preserve ...
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    Aries: March 21 – April 19 A man belonging to Zodiac sign-Aries are slightly arrogant at times but they can also be charming in some ways as well– considering they are the first of the Zodiac sign, this aspect makes them automatically believe that they are the greatest thing on earth. Aries is the most enthusiastic ...
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    Mostly in India, Paan is the major attraction after having the meal, especially for children because of its delicious and refreshing taste, and elders those who are fond of eating Paan. This little pockets of paan include- kattha, spices, mint, sweetened coconut, dates, gulkand, cherries and colourful saunf (expect the choona and tobacco) is full of goodness and ...
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      Researchers demonstrated an imaging strategy called scanning electrochemical microscopy been demonstrated as a powerful tool to create highly resolved images of the distributions of relevant biomolecules in cells and tissues without suffering from the optical interference of conventional microscopy. Instead of using additional chemicals like dyes or fluorescent markers for better visualization of tissue, ...