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    Trying street foods is mandatory when traveling to new places, and it’s a delicious window into new cultures. Eating street foods is a not only a great way to eat well on a backpacker’s budget, it also gives you the opportunity to chat to locals and find out more about the dishes and traditions behind them. ...
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    Nature in the wonderful gift we have received, there are some places on our planet that are extraordinarily beautiful and mesmerizing. Check out some of the most extraordinary places in the world that will blow your mind and you will want to visit for at least once. SEE ALSO: 10 Cool places to travel this summer in ...
  • Valentine's day

    #Japan- On Valentine’s day, there is a tradition where women give chocolates to men. There are two types of chocolates- “Giri-choco”, and “Honmei-choco”. Giri-choco is known as Obligation Chocolate and is given to friends, colleagues, bosses, and close male friends. On the other hand, Honmei-choco is given to boyfriend, lover and husband. Another unique tradition called “White ...
  • Yang Huiyan

    China’s richest woman Yang Huiyan added $6.1 billion to her wealth in just seven days of market trading, trailing only Amazon.com Inc.’s Jeff Bezos in growing her fortune this year. SEE ALSO: “KodakCoin” a new cryptocurrency for photographers by Kodak Yang, the controlling shareholder of Country Garden Holdings Co., found her wealth surge to $29.7 billion ...
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    China on Tuesday proposed a thought of building a “mega-regional market” with India to mine the huge demand of over 2.5 billion people of both the countries.“China and India have different political systems but practise market economy. These are the only two countries with more than 1 billion people each. There is huge potential in ...