• Click-to-WhatsApp-messaging-button

    Facebook is moving out a fresh feature on its program, that will let advertisers contact up with over one billion WhatsApp users. Facebook has launched a fresh Click-to-WhatsApp messaging button for pushing out ads to WhatsApp so that people can call or message via Whatsapp instantly. SEE ALSO: “Whatsapp Business” a standalone business app to ...
  • Facebook's new snooze button

    Facebook would like you do not unfriend your Friends each and every time they state something you disagree with them. That is why the company released a fresh feature that says it is possible to shortly mute people without banning them totally. Facebook’s new snooze button shortly mutes people, internet pages or organizations for thirty ...
  • 1172

    The world’s most popular and loved Social Networking sites certainly have changed over the years, and they’ll undoubtedly continue to change as time moves forward. How these sites used to look when they were launched and changed over time, let’s take look!  Facebook Facebook is a most popular Social Networking site, was found by Mark Zuckerberg ...