• Interesting facts about Babies

    Here are 20 Interesting facts about Babies that you may not know- 1. Babies are born with the self-awareness that allows them to differentiate their bodies with other people’s bodies. You can tell if your baby is self-aware by drawing a red dot on his or her forehead and standing with him in front of the ...
  • Baby photoshoot

    All parents are excited about there Baby photoshoot although we cannot really predict there timing, they are full of pee and poo and they will never fail to afraid to remind you that. Here are some pictures shared by the parents that how their photoshoot went terribly wrong. SEE ALSO: “Google Babysitter System” will watch your children when ...
  • Google Babysitter System

    Google has patented an electronic system “Google Babysitter System” that is designed to look after children when their parents or guardians aren’t around. With the aid of cameras, it might be able to tell whenever your child was alone in a room, and would also know how long they’d been remaining unattended for. The system ...