• Largest prime number

    One of the latest news for Mathematics enthusiasts is the discovery of the Largest prime number that has more 23 M digits. The figure is arrived at by calculating two to the power of 77,232,917 and subtracting one, leaving a gargantuan string of 23,249,425 digits. SEE ALSO: 10 ways where you can use Instagram Automation tools for ...
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    Drinking alcohol can cause permanent DNA damage to the reserve pool of stem cells in the body, which was proved by the recent study that show’s the link between drinking and cancer. The research was carried out using genetically modified mice, provides the most compelling evidence that alcohol causes cancer by damaging the DNA in cells, ...
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    Scientists achieved a step closer to mimicking the natural process by which the body creates sperm from stem cells in work that can, in the end, provide new treatments for infertility. Speaking at the Progress Educational Trust annual conference in London this month, Azim Surani, director of germline and epigenetics research at the University of ...