• tiny tooth-mounted sensors

    Monitoring instantly what happens around our bodies can be very invaluable in the framework of healthcare or medical studies, however, not very easy to do. Which could soon change because of new, tiny tooth-mounted sensors developed by scientists at the Tufts University School of Engineering that, when attached on teeth and interacting wirelessly with a ...
  • Paytm payment bank

    The members of Paytm payment bank is now able to order physical debit credit cards from the Paytm app. Previously, the bank provided only digital debit credit cards which are granted to customers after the opening of Person Savings Account. SEE ALSO: WhatsApp Pay UPI-based feature to roll out very soon The development was confirmed by ...
  • JioCoin

    Yet new cryptocurrency to be added in the list– JioCoin will be launched by Reliance.  Reliance is the leading telecom service provider in India, and the company is looking forward to widening the business by launching there own cryptocurrency as JioCoin. SEE ALSO: “KodakCoin” a new cryptocurrency for photographers by Kodak Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash Ambani will ...
  • 5th generation

    5th generation– gonna reach market soon. 5G is a wireless broadband technology based on an 802.11ac package. This was announced at The annual Consumer Electronics Show. In a panel discussion at CES, a trio of executives from Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Nokia discussed how 5th generation (5G) could transform industries ranging from transportation to manufacturing. SEE ALSO: Whatsapp will ...
  • 611

    Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg gave cryptocurrency enthusiasts a little optimism for the new year. SEE ALSO: 10 ways where you can use Instagram Automation tools for marketing Zuckerberg referenced cryptocurrencies in a posting Thursday in which he told how he will spend 2018 trying to correct consistent problems — including the proliferation of ...
  • 613

    An advancement in the technology going to be a great news for the people who have lost there hand or leg in the accident. Although there is prosthetic hand available but lacks sensation ability. However, in a recent invention, scientists have developed a first portable bionic hand that mimics the sense of touch. SEE ALSO: Largest prime number ...
  • 861

    The futuristic method of traveling- Pod Taxi Project India Connecting Delhi-Gurugram, which is likely to provide some much-needed alleviation to the traffic congestion has gotten one step nearer to becoming a reality. A high-level -panel recommended inviting fresh bids for the pod taxi project conforming to the strictest safety standards on the lines of those ...
  • Swiggy

    Swiggy is a food ordering and delivering startup which was started in August 2014 by Shriharsha Majtey, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini in Bengaluru currently, they are functional in over ten cities and have tie-ups with 20,000 restaurants. The company has raised a $155.5 Mn funding till now. Japanese conglomerate SoftBank is apparently set up for a ...
  • Cancer researcher

    US-based Morderna Therapeutics, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is one of the biggest biotechnology startups in the U.S. Since its 2010 founding they have attracted $1.9 billion from investors, partnered with drug giants. Traditional protein-based biotechnology medicines are grown in vats and harvested from living organisms, a tedious and expensive process. The company wants to make ...
  • uber

    UBER has comes with an to idea to deal with the motion sickness issue that some people face during the ride, It works with self-driving autos — possibly freeing up travelers to multitask while a computer does the driving a car. According to Molly Nix, customer experience design business lead at UBER’s Advanced Technologies Group, much ...