• Paan

    Mostly in India, Paan is the major attraction after having the meal, especially for children because of its delicious and refreshing taste, and elders those who are fond of eating Paan. This little pockets of paan include- kattha, spices, mint, sweetened coconut, dates, gulkand, cherries and colourful saunf (expect the choona and tobacco) is full of goodness and ...
  • weight loss

    Cut Carbohydrate- Cutting carbohydrate is the quickest way to weight loss. A low-carb diet may be more effective for losing weight and improving cardiovascular health than a low-fat diet. Limit those that are mostly carbohydrates like grain-based foods. Bread, rice, pasta and other grains are carbohydrate-rich and can be limited, as many of their nutrients are ...